– We Were There

January 25, 2009

What did Obama do his first week besides trying to Febreeze all the George Bush out of the White House? We let you know. Is there anything more sad than a 10 year old Congolese soldier? We let you know. What happens when an entire Harvard Law class and their professor take on the RIAA? get the idea…

Advertisements – Terrorist Birds Attack

January 19, 2009

A terrorist cell of Canadian Geese downed a US Airways flight this week. Also, Israel is high-tailing it out of the Gaza strip just in time for Obama-fever to reach its height! The officer involved with the BART shooting over New Year’s is arrested for homicide. And finally, we swear to never again talk about Steve Jobs (until he does something cool again). – Using the Force

January 11, 2009

What do mega-capacitors, crazed protesters, cell-phone jamming, the Gaza strip, and the Force all have in common? Absolutely nothing! But they’re just a few of the exciting topics covered by the boys at SomethingTV this week. Check it out! – Isramas. Or Hamrael. Problem Solved.

January 4, 2009

Our fearless leaders bring us breaking news from the other side of the planet – Israel has invaded the Gaza strip. Also this week, OMGObama announces the craziest bailout yes, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, by announcing a $300 billion tax break. Also, the tragic loss of Jett Travolta, major twitter hacking, and hockey-stick stealing jerks. – Holiday Special

December 27, 2008

In record time, The boys discuss the shoe thrower’s sentence, gondola cable snapping, pirates (again), Greek riots(and media show boating), acid in the face and Internet Explorer fatal flaws. All with silly hats! Ready-set-go! – Three Amigos

December 15, 2008

Technical problems? SomethingTV? I find it hard to believe too, don’t worry. Luckily, everything was up and running in time for Walter Schwabe from FusedLogic to announce a wonderful joint-project between his company and the Edmonton Food Bank. Check it out, but most importantly, PARTICIPATE! Oh, and we talked about other news. – Canadian Political Special

December 9, 2008

To coalesce? Or not to coalesce? That is the question. That’s right. Step right up and take a spin on the Drama-rama Train as we dig deep into the political excitement going on in Ottawa (That’s the capital, for our American viewers). We are joined this week by avid Conservative Matthew Altherim, and pro-coalitionist, Anita Kuno.  Shall we begin? – Wake Up

December 1, 2008

The boys on the couch take an in depth look at the issues surrounding the terrorist attack on Mumbai, India. Pakistan, Twitter, Social Media – everything was involved.  Also, Black Friday had more deaths than usual this year. Lean about those sneaky snakes at AIG and an alternative energy source that can fit right on your backyard. – Rickrolled

November 24, 2008

Our meteor hunters discuss the arraignment of the most powerful man in the world: the Vice-President of the United States, also, it seems the best thing you could do for your planet is to be cremated.  There are children fighting wars in the Congo, Thai protests getting out of control, and Russians and Georgians are pointing fingers.  For this AND MORE, watch Episode 9 of SomethingTV! – i can haz deth from abuv?

November 18, 2008

This week, our adventurers narrowly avoid death by LOLcat.  Also appearing are pirates, Nebraska, the cure for HIV, teamwork in Africa, planets that our grandkids grandkids might live on someday, and we learn how Google listens…to your iPhone.