– Preliminary Pre-election Predictions

November 4, 2008

Our co-hosts promise to only talk about the American election one more time.  Somali Pirates + Water Hose = Fail.  Syria feels differently about American incursions than Pakistan.  Rampant stonings threaten to steal the spotlight from pirates.  OPEC is jerks.  Microsoft drives Chinese to rage.  Google’s new open-source phone really is open…to hackers!  And Opera fibs. This and more!

Advertisements – The Countdown Is On

October 27, 2008

One week left until the American election. Everyone’s picking on the Somali pirates.  American’s successfully rescue an American hostage in a daring nighttime rescue op.  We’re pretty sure Chuck Norris was involved.  And learn how to generate x-rays from the convenience and comfort of your own home vacuum chamber! – More Minority Government

October 20, 2008

Ever wondered about genetically engineered Spanish babies? Or Somali pirates? Mexican drug dealers? Or worst of all…North American politicians? Then this is the episode for you! – Election Special

October 13, 2008

This week Paul proves inept at remembering to change the batteries in his wireless microphone (sorry about the audio 1/2 way through).  In other news, check out interviews with Federal Election candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama hug and make up, happy people on Wall Street, Pakistan and the US double-team some insurgents,  don’t get caught with incandescent lightbulbs in Europe, a viewer question, and MUCH much more! Whew!! What a show. – Master Debater

October 6, 2008

The boys discuss the highly anticipated VP debate, and talk about everything from the economy, to ex football stars. – The Pilot

September 29, 2008

Evan and Paul embark on a journey of self discovery and podcastingness. The boys discuss the Wall Street collapse, elections, Russians, Georgians, kidnapped journalists, saggy jeans and more!